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This summer's college baseball season brings one of the biggest ballpark anniversaries of 2019, as the ballpark at the University of Pittsburgh's PNC Park in Springfield, Mass., turns 100.

The Berkshire Museum is hosting a week-long summer camp that includes a variety of activities for children aged 7 to 13. To mark its 100-year anniversary of bringing high quality music education to Berkshire County and the surrounding community, Berkshire Music School offers a summer program for students 1-5 years old and older. Berkshire Theatre Group offers summer camps in Stockbridge and Pittsfield, MA, as well as a weekly cheerleader-building workshop.

Pittsfield Public Schools have no formal affiliation or oversight role in connection with organized sports activities, including any activities that may be sought through the City of Pittsfields Parks Department. This includes partnering with a number of local organizations to conduct activities at off-campus locations. All efforts made by the high school coaches to organize athletics activities during the interrupted fall season are purely voluntary, including conditioning, skill drills and training.

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However, we recognise that sport is important for students' academic careers and can provide social interaction and healthy exercise at unprecedented times, and we do not want to rule out winter sports entirely. We hope that the committee will find a way to resume winter sports, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case in the future.

We therefore recommend that sport follow the school's learning model and return to sport as soon as learning is able to do so. A lot of caution is needed, as many of the sports used in school buildings, such as basketball, volleyball, football and lacrosse, would not be in play if sports were played. Abel said school sports halls should be used for learning per person because larger spaces are less likely to be distributed like COVID-19, but education is always the top priority.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Public Schools' attitude toward local sports activities, where participants are enrolled as students at Pittsburgh Public School, remains unchanged since the summer. We will continue to work diligently to design a high quality student sports experience that culminates in sporting activity and competition in 2020-2021, "he said. Abel said the conditions were in place for PPS to pursue a long-term partnership with local sports organisations such as COVID-19 in the future.

Educational sports stakeholders recently published guidelines, recommendations and possible options for ensuring that students and athletes can participate in sport safely. The guidelines and recommendations set out a number of scenarios for high school athletes participating in sports in the 2020-2021 school year. Many of the sports in question, such as basketball and bowling, can be played in schools with large numbers of pupils. However, these scenarios may change due to the current health, school and sporting circumstances as a result of this pandemic.

This means energetic young men and women looking for interesting ways to stay healthy, and the kind of ruthlessness that turns pastime into sport. Pittsfield residents and Berkshires visitors who have walked through the ballpark's gates during the summer months for decades. Gold fans appreciate this and enjoy a safe and enjoyable day at beautiful Lake Buel in Great Barrington, MA. Campers aged 3-16 can make friends and family, have fun and connect in their own homes.

Wahconah Park, which is over 100 years old, is home to a permanent summer collegiate club that brings back memories on the site. The sport has been played on the ballpark grounds since 1892, and one of the last remaining ballparks in the Berkshires, it was built in 1919 as the home of the Pittsfield High School baseball team.

The independent Berkshire Black Bears moved to Wahconah Park and the franchise has been playing there since the 1980s. There are two other western ballparks in the Berkshires, the other being Sam Lynn Ballpark in Bakersfield, California, built in 1941. Families in and around Berkshire and Massachusetts have had homes for decades, and many of them still do.

After the 2001 campaign, the franchise moved to Troy, N.Y., where it is now known as the Tri-City Valley Cats. The Suns are part of the Goldklang Group, which also owns the Rochester Riverdogs of the New York Penn League, a minor league baseball league. In 2012, the stadium became the new home of the Pittsburgh RiverDogs, an independent professional baseball team.

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