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If you're looking for crazy, cool or unusual items, there's no better place to start than North Adams, and these are just some of the shops that will help you get started. Located in Hotel North, this carefully curated gift shop offers a wide selection of unique and unique gifts for every occasion. The store sells everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, furniture and more, as well as offering unique, beautiful gifts and occasions.

If you are in North Adams to visit MASS or MoCA, there is no better place to stop off than the Museum of Fine Arts in Cambridge. This not-to-miss place is a fabulous store that we promise you will not leave empty - hand.

This is a versatile boutique that makes it easy to get gifts for your picky friends and family. They behave with personalized - or - friendly - pieces that remind you of what you see on Etsy and Pinterest.

If you're looking for a truly exceptional gift, check out Berkshire Classic Leather & Silver. The long-standing Ben's Shop, which has a classic exterior and interior, offers high-quality brands of clothing and shoes for all your needs. Further south in Lenox, you'll find a wide selection of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.

The store has been operating since its inception as the Dexter McMaster Store on the southwest corner of Park and Main Streets, where the Citgo gas station is located today. It was bought in 1911, expanded to Harmony in 1912, leased the Maine Central Harmony branch in 1910 and moved to Somerset Plaza in June 1974. In May 1983 Craig's was sold to the Emery Waterhouse Company and the Pittsfield home centre changed its name to Craig home centre.

The store was sold to Ashley Parker in January 1981 and the owner withdrew, which led to the closure of the Browns Clothing Store. The Gail Mkt Redemption Center moved to S. Main and Wright Stables, but later closed and moved back to its original location on South Main St. In January 1983, John Ring Sr. retired and sold the business to his son John Jr., and his wife Mary sold it to the city and state real estate agents before moving to its current location at the corner of South and Main Streets in the fall of 2004.

The Don's Sunoco gas station, located at 10 Main Street, was bought by Webber Oil, opened in the early 1990s as a "Flying A gas station," and converted into the Exxon gas station (then Gulf) in 1998 and again into a Shell gas station in 1999.

Ritchie's Pizza moved from its Nordmainer Straße location in 1976 to its current location on the corner of Mainstrasse and Mainstrasse in the early 1990s.

Cianbro's was built in 1957 on the site of Hancock Lumber, but soon expanded beyond the building and moved to a larger store on Hunnewell Avenue, which became one of the first brick and mortar stores on Main Street in Pittsfield.

The store was bought by R.P. Berry and added to the Berry pharmacy and at various times housed a pharmacy, grocery and liquor store, as well as a department store. Originally called Pittsfield Motor Sales, the dealership was housed in an old carriage house that was moved from its Lancey Street location to its southern Main location, where the library is now.

In 1914, Pioneer, Wankelgarll and Newport Woolen Mills were sold to the American Woolen Company, which closed Waverly's Sebasticook Mills in 1934. During World War II, the store was moved to Central Street and Pittsfield Woolens & Yarns was founded in 1945, which was in continuous operation until it closed in 2003. Sam Tidwell's was in the building that used to be Wright's drugstore. It was owned by members of Kennebecs Valley and was bought by J.K. Wright, who later moved it to its current location on Main Street, where it is still in operation.

The business was supplied by its own water mill on Sebasticook Street, which now crosses the Sebasticsook River (see below). Lovejoy's Elwood and Gloria Bridgham supplied their own wool mill on Main Street in Pittsfield. The name probably refers to the fact that it was halfway between Pitt's and Newport. Williams' Fields was located on the corner of Main Street and Main Street in the west of the city, on Outer Main Street, now known as Canaan Road (Route 23). It was in Williams Field, near the intersection of Outer Road and Canaan Rd.

In the 1950s, Fendler and Tilton Motors took over the Dodge dealership and moved to a new location on the corner of Main Street and Outer Road (Route 23). Bowl Rite Lanes, a laundromat and a car wash were taken off the road, and in a few years, three other local electric companies merged to form the Central Maine Power Company.

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